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Tarot Visions: Vikings, Card Decks, and a Tarot Update, Oh my… the Hughes Return


After a short hiatus, Rose Red and Jaymi return. This time they catch with Matt and Hope Hughes. Great news, their Ethereal Visions Tarot is shipping and boy is it amazing. Jaymi and Rose Red agree the deck is a total winner.


But that’s not all, for the dynamic couple is busy at work on funding another deck through Kickstarter! This time it’s a playing card deck based on Norse/Viking structures. Called the Gjallarhorn deck, this already funded deck features nifty illustrations of the Norse gods. Matt and Hope tell us about how they teamed up with Doctor Jackson Crawford, Instructor of Nordic Studies and Nordic Program Coordinator at the University of Colorado Boulder (formerly UC Berkeley and UCLA) to get their inspiration. He’s quite prolific and has several books on Norse mythology and has a great youtube channel and several books on the subject.


Finally, in September, the Hughes plan to re-do the kickstarter for the Dreamscape Oracle, a 24-card companion oracle to the Ethereal Visions Tarot.


A big shout out to Michael Charboneau for producing today's podcast file. You rock!

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