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Tarot Visions: The Language of Tarot


Tarot is a wonderful tool. Like any other tool, it has a language which develops naturally all on its own. In this episode Rose Red and Jaymi demystify the acronyms and insider knowledge around the language of tarot. We discuss some of our favorite people, structure, and three letter acronyms, including the famous LWB! Thanks again to Michael Charboneau for producing this week’s cast.


A list of words we chat about, include:

  • LWB-- little white book, the booklet or the book that comes with a deck
  • RWS-- Rider Waite Smith deck
  • PCS-- Pamela Colman Smith
  • Major’s only-- decks, or exercises, using only the 22 major arcana of a full tarot deck
  • Tarot PDA-- jaymi’s definition for a tarot journal
  • TSW-- This Stuff Works
  • YMMV-- Your mileage May Vary
  • Waite-- AE Waite
  • Crowley-- Aleister Crowley
  • Lady Freida Harris-- Artist of the Thoth deck
  • MLP-- My Little Pony (not really mentioned, thought we'd see if you were still with us)
  • 3cd-- three card draw
  • CoTD-- card of the day
  • HM-- Hidden Message (card pulled from the bottom of the deck)

Did we miss any good tarot language items? Let us know in the comments below!

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