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Tarot Visions: Chatting with Vyviane Armstrong from Land Sea Sky Travel about Her A Year with Ours Gods Conference


Rose Red and Jaymi bring Vyviane Armstrong owner of Land Sea Sky Travel onto the show to discuss her fantastic online classes and conferences. They discuss what the conferences and classes are as well as the Pilgrimages Vyviane offers through Land Sea Sky Travel. The Classes and Conferences begin Jan 19 and run all year long. 


When you sign up for each conference, you not only get all the video and audio recordings but you also get a lot of handouts and resources. If you are unable to attend part or all of the classes, you still get to download the materials. This makes the Land Sea Sky Travel conferences a wonderful experience. Each conference and class has a sliding scale cost. Presenters, panelists, and other help are paid to make these events possible. Everyone gets a fair wage. When you sign up for the classes and conferences, you gets a ticket to a live event, a packet of information to share with your local community, and a recording of the event... along with even more materials.


Vyviane held the first class on January 19, 2019, with River Devora. They discussed Anti-semitism and pagan awareness as well as discussing history of jewish culture, and explore the idea around being pagan and jewish and how to recognize anti-semitism and be a better ally.


Year of the Gods warmly welcomes those under 21 and over 71. They can attend for free. The group also makes welcoming spaces for folks with accessibility issues and people of color. Go check out their wonderful Hospitality Statement at: http://landseaskytravel.com/hospitality/


The first conference, focused on Brighid, included hands-on workshops, devotionals, bardic circles, as well as prayers and songs for Brighid. Each conference has new faces for a deeper discussion to help people expand their knowledge of the Celtic Gods.


Join Vyviane on her Facebook page to find more info on all classes and conferences. 

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