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Tarot Vision: Podcasting 101, Class recording from PantheaCon


Rose Red hosted a wonderful Podcasting 101 class during PantheaCon 2019. She invited Jaymi and Michael along to discuss what it takes to put together Tarot Visions Podcast. We did a live recording of the class using some cool new technology Michael brought with him. Please note this class was 90 minutes long, so the recording is a bit longer than what you are used to.


“Hello, listeners. Michael Charboneau here with a bonus podcast recording tip: When you are using recording equipment, whether it's a laptop, your phone, or a stand-alone digital recorder, remember to make sure it's fully charged or plugged in, or to have fresh batteries nearby. 


Unfortunately, my digital recorder's batteries died at this point in the recording. We will have the rest of the audio programs listed in the show notes, and we pick up recording when we are talking zoom.us and recording a session online.”


Read and download the class handout here. (Please note this handout will be available until October 2019 only).

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