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Tarot Visions: Rose Chats with Bea Nettles of the Mountain Dream Tarot


Rose Chats with Bea Nettles this week on Tarot Visions. The Mountain Dream Tarot by Bea Nettles was created in 1970s. It was a joy to chat with Bea about what inspired her to create her Mountain Dream Tarot. She had read A E Waite’s Pictorial Key to The Tarot and with the find of a lovely Star Dress which encouraged her to be the Queen of Stars and her deck was born. She discusses creating the deck, photography, publishing, and creating a deck as well as how she got to meet Bruce Springsteen. She also shares her other decks and other works she has put out over the years as well as her experiences with publishing that should encourage any person wanting to publish their own deck.


Bea Nettles Website:  http://beanettles.com


Great article about the Mountain Dream Tarot: https://dangerousminds.net/comments/the_haunting_photographic_tarot_deck_with_an_unexpected_nod_from_bruce_spri


The SF MOMA video on Bea’s deck: https://www.sfmoma.org/watch/bea-nettless-photographic-tarot-deck/


A video of Bea discussing her deck: https://youtu.be/GEaOLm5_KKA

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