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Tarot Visions: Rose chats with Alia Shanti of Shanti Gumbo


Rose chats with Alia Shanti of Shanti Gumbo on the journey and creation of their new Tarot deck and system, Dream Awake Tarot. Listen in as they share their experiences of how they came to the Tarot; as well as encouraging others to contribute to the creation of this deck. They are creating music as well as the cards to go hand in hand for the users to gain their own esoteric connections.

You can connect with Alia via Instagram, YouTube, and her website: https://dreamawaketarot.faith/


Suggested work to see if The Dream Awake Tarot is for you:


Dream Awake Alchemist Unit One: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zj6jhtbxcdHrjrczCHNbuJ1JqGiAAOJj/view


The Kickstarter opens October 2, 2018. Alia was inspired by these works:

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