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Tarot Visions: Rose and Jaymi Chat Charts with T. Susan Chang


On this episode of Tarot Visions, Rose and Jaymi chat with T Susan Chang about her new book Tarot Correspondences, as well as all the charts that are not from Casey Kasem. Susie shares her thoughts on Tarot, magick, and why a book on all the possible connections one can make with tarot and the mystical world as we know it was her goal. She shares her amazing Tarot cases and the podcast she does with deck creator Mel Meleen, the Fortune's Wheelhouse esoteric tarot podcast, which explores imagery and symbolism in the Rider-Waite-Smith and Thoth decks.  You can find more about her Arcana Case® for tarot decks in her www.etsy.com/shop/tarotista, along with her line of esoteric perfumes.


Her website is: www.tsusanchang.com
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